Housewarming tips

Housewarming signs are numerous.

It is believed that if you leave the old housing in poor condition (peeling wallpaper, leaking taps, holes in furniture), there will be no happiness in the new place, problems will come from a past life. In addition, magicians believe that you need to move with joy and ease, because an alarming state can spread to a new home, which will lead to misfortunes. At the same time, the weather should be good, a storm and a hurricane, a downpour with a thunderstorm, as well as snowfall – all this indicates that the move is worth the wait.

In order for the owners to have happiness and prosperity in the new house, you need to hang a horseshoe over the front door. You need to do this “with your feet up”, only with this approach you can achieve what you want and avoid failures and defeats. Some experts recommend hanging it sideways so that it resembles the letter “C”, which will help happiness settle in the house for a long time.

Another sign is the behavior of the cat. You need to let the cat into the house first. It is believed that it will first fall in the place where a lot of negative energy has accumulated in order to take it for itself. It is believed that it is this pet that determines where the brownie will settle. But you can’t rent an animal, it must be a pet. By the way, it is a good sign to have a pet as soon as your foot has set foot on the threshold of a new home.

Another sign concerns how to enter a new house correctly. This should be done with the left foot and not with empty hands.

The next belief is connected with economic affairs. It is believed that first you need to bring long-term storage food – groceries into the house. This will be a sign that there is always something to eat in the house. By the way, food should also be intended for guests who must visit the new home before the first night spent by the owners in it.

Many believe that only if these signs are followed, the housewarming celebration will be perfect.

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