How to organize a housewarming party

It should be a relatively quiet holiday in a narrow circle. It is desirable that competitions and an entertainment program, as well as hearty and tasty treats, be present at it.

Guest List
It is necessary to invite only the closest people, those who will be desired at any time of the day or week. As a rule, we are talking about parents, grandparents, as well as family friends. It is undesirable to invite distant relatives, colleagues and friends, as well as unfamiliar people. The main thing is that the evening should be as cozy as possible, and the hosts, as well as their guests, feel comfortable.

Event date
There is no binding to a specific date in this case. However, you need to celebrate a housewarming party on the day of the move, that is, it is undesirable to do this after spending the night in a new home. It is believed that it is the guests who fill the house with good energy and help it “settle in”. So that guests can allocate time and come on the day of the move, it is worth planning the relocation on a weekend – Saturday or Sunday.

How to issue an invitation
You can just call the closest people and say that the owners will be happy to see them. Or you can act more original and make invitation cards for housewarming with your own hands. You can simply write notes or draw a beautiful house or apartment on them – with a pencil and even watercolor, if one of the heroes of the occasion knows how to draw. The main thing is that the housewarming invitations should be made from the heart.

How to make a menu
Dishes must be homemade. You can cook meat with potatoes and a hearty salad. As a dessert, a pie with homemade compote or homemade cookies is well suited. The main thing is that there should be as few purchased dishes on the table as possible and as much as possible what is cooked with one’s own hands.

Holiday decoration
It is advisable to put various figurines around the festive table, symbolizing the move. It is worth using a tablecloth made of natural materials, and lay textiles on sofas or armchairs that were popular among our ancestors (linen, cotton, wool). Musical accompaniment plays an important role: compositions should be calm and unobtrusive.

Housewarming contests
They can be anything, the main thing is that each guest feels comfortable. It is best to associate them with entertaining jokes and games “weak / not weak”, “trickle”. Riddles and charades for a housewarming holiday will do. You can choose something thematic and come up with some kind of competition on the theme of “loaders”.

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