Transporting the washing machine

How to transport a washing machine? Are there rules that can be followed to avoid damage to it? It is important to study the manufacturer’s instructions, which indicate the conditions for the safe transportation of devices of the corresponding model, and make sure that the movers are warned about this.

The household appliance must be installed vertically and securely fixed in the back of a truck or car trunk, with solid objects upholstered in fabric on its sides.

During transportation, the driver must drive the vehicle as carefully as possible: turns and braking must be smooth without sudden movements.

How to transport the washing machine if it is impossible to install it vertically? In extreme cases, it is allowed to place it lying on the rear panel with the body in the direction of the car.

Before loading, foam rubber, polystyrene or soft thick fabric with a good margin should be laid on the bottom of the body or trunk, which will prevent the material from rolling.

Do not transport the device laid on its side or front panel. Doing so may cause residual water to enter the programming panel and damage it.

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