How to organize unpacking after a move

The task will not seem difficult if you have 2 plans on hand: a list of top priorities and projects for placing furniture, household appliances for each room and also if you call the In the last figure, you can also indicate the location of things of a non-floor type. For example, where the towels will lie or where to put the microwave.

When compiling a list of priority cases, you need to take into account the basic physiological needs and activity in the coming day. After moving to a new apartment, a person wants to eat, wash, calmly go to bed, and the next day, without any hassle, get ready for work or study. The items needed for this are unpacked first.

Other useful comments and recommendations on the subject:

Things must be packaged by handymen according to signed packages (boxes, vacuum bags, bags). The mark indicates the category (dishes, books, linens), the room (where to bring it) and the owner (relevant for large families in which children do not like to share their things or use other people’s things).
To save time on reading inscriptions, you can introduce a color classification: each room has its own marker shade.
Double marks – on the side and at the top of the package – will allow you to find what you need in any way of placing the boxes (in a row, in a column).
Furniture, appliances and large items are unloaded first. They are brought in not randomly, but by room. Outdoor household appliances are immediately arranged taking into account the location of the sockets.
With any number of things, there should be a safe passage to utilities, a window, a balcony, a switch and an entrance door.
The essentials kit is placed in a conspicuous place with good access. In order not to lose sight of an important box, do not surround it with objects. The site, not overloaded with things, catches the eye.
Toiletries, dishes, medicines, household chemicals and money will be needed even before the last thing is brought into the apartment. If the family is small, then some of the essentials can be replaced with disposable ones – a travel hygiene kit, plastic appliances and plates. But it is important to remember that everything disposable is an additional source of garbage.
The floor will be dirty, because unpacking things in a new apartment begins with handing slippers to the household. The hostess will need a bucket, rags and, possibly, washing powder.

Life goes on even after the move, so the very next day after it you need to be ready to go to work or to an educational institution. You will need clothes. It must be prepared in advance: selected and placed in vacuum bags. Thanks to the latter, the need for an iron is drastically reduced.

Everyday life requires a large number of small items. In order not to puzzle over how to arrange things like keys, documents, a shoe brush and a skein of thread in the middle of a mountain of boxes, it is worth purchasing a temporary hanging storage system.

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