How to transport glass and mirrors

For any move with boston packing and moving, regardless of whether it concerns an apartment or an office, the transportation of glasses and mirrors will be mandatory.
When preparing furniture for transportation, it is recommended to remove glass and mirrors. Basically, the size of glass, mirrors and glass doors are the same size.

1. All fittings should be removed from the glass doors
2. Divide the glasses by size and collect in packs of 4 pieces
3. It is necessary to securely tie the stacks of glasses with adhesive tape
4. Paper is laid between the mirrors in stacks

Young couple sit together in their new home with cardboard boxes scattered about the floor.

5. Mirrors and glasses in stacks do not bend and are very durable, so it is convenient to transport and carry them
6. Such stacks should be lowered to the ground on thick cardboard
7. During unloading, it is necessary to try to put the glasses only straight vertically on the edge, without warping, in order to avoid damage to their fragile edges.
8. The frame of the mirror should be fixed securely and be well fixed for transport.
9. During transportation, install glasses strictly vertically on the edge. It is impossible to transport glass in a horizontal arrangement.

In the back of a car, glass is placed behind a sofa, refrigerator or cabinet. Make sure that glass and mirrors are not pressed against even soft things like a mattress or sofa. Nothing should touch the mirror.
Given this, in the back of a frame with mirrors they are usually placed behind the refrigerator. More voluminous mirrors with a height of more than two meters and a width of one meter should preferably be transported by a separate vehicle.